Ombuds Services

Organizations contract with ombuds to provide a confidential forum to assist employees and other constituents in identifying options available to mitigate and/or resolve workplace issues and concerns.  Organizations that invest in neutral ombuds services demonstrate a commitment to the productive resolution of workplace issues and an investment in employee engagement.  Additionally, access to an ombuds provides a voluntary, confidential forum where whistleblowers may report allegations of serious wrongdoing.

All ombuds services are provided on a contractual basis in accordance with the International Ombudsman Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, which include:  confidentiality, impartiality, informality, and independence.  The ombuds listens and helps visitors clarify concerns and identify underlying issues and interests as well as assisting in the identification and evaluation of options to productively resolve concerns.

All contract ombuds services are provided by a Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner (CO-OP).  SME Dispute Resolution, LLC, currently provides ombuds services to not-for-profit organizations and associations in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.